How to setup awesome budget kitchen

Along with the saucepans, you might consider a steel colander. You could use a plastic strainer, but a larger steel one can also fit inside saucepans as a steamer basket (if you choose the right Size) and will last many years longer.

A cast iron casserole, such as a Le Creuset, isn't for everyone, but does have advantages, You can start a dish off on top of the stove and then finish it in the oven, for instance, and since the iron retains heat well you can cook slowly at a relatively low temperature.

A really good knife is a joy. A sharp knife is also safer than a blunt one as you're less likely to slip, and if you do cut yourself, you won't be pushing so hard. Most chefs have a whole stable of knives for addressing different tasks, but you can probably get by with just one or two - a large knife or Japanese santoku which will make short work of chopping, and a smaller knife for paring. Don't buy knives vvhich have thin, wobbly blades, or serrated edges. Instead, look for a knife with a good solid blade that is meant to be resharpened.

All-in-one knife sets are usually a bad buy. Some are good, but expensive, while others are low-cost but also low quality. You almost certainly won't need all the knives in the set, so spend the money on just two really good ones instead.

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